My blog to-do list

Again, another one from the archives… I posted it in Jan 2011, but wrote it back in December 2010.
Re-visiting the to do list.. bit by bit 🙂

A little bit of an insight into what you might see float to the surface here.

I’m going to call this one the ‘make myself do it’ post!

This was about a month ago, when I first got inspired to start blogging (and actually started doing it!) It was the night before I was to go home for Christmas and it stuck me that I really had achieved my goals in 2010. I’m finally OK with saying “I’m proud of myself”!

It starts strong… then leads into a bunch of chapters (it was a busy year!!!) I’m posting this unfinished post as a way to hold myself to filling in the gaps 🙂


Tuesday 21st December…2010

I landed in America 7 months and 15 days ago…

…moving to the other side of this crazy planet had been a dream since I was kid and I finally did it.

MY first stop was Las Vegas – May 5th, 2010. Lights, Partying, Friends, Sightseeing and a bunch of friends to enjoy it with. Fast forward to May 15th and I am standing on the Strip, alone as it gets dark, feeling more lonely and scared than I have ever been in my life.

Two years previous, I was blind. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, I couldn’t leave the house alone, and I sure as hell couldn’t jump on a plane and see the world. Never seeing the world, never seeing the sights I had always so wanted to… THAT was what was scary. It wasn’t what ‘will I do now?’, it was ‘HOW will I travel?’, and ‘would I even want to if I couldn’t see it??’. June to December 2008 was hell on earth.

1. What have I done?
So I felt pretty dumb standing in the most glittering city on the planet, about to embark on a lifelong dream, sobbing and scared as hell. ‘What have I done??’

2. Welcome to Miami
No hotel, no hablo Inglés, no hope!!! Oh you have baseball here?? nee_baseball

3. Disneyworld, more childhood dreams realized. Its OK to act like a kid here at any age!

4. Naples (FL), it may not be Europe. Who ever thought I’d pick family time over EUROPE?!

5. Toronto, Canada and reconnecting
I’m not the only one who made the leap – and I’m not the only one who has struggled with it.

6. Crash#1…or how to keep a level head.

7. New York Part 1, a refreshing slice of home.imagine_centralpark

8. New York Part 2, when opportunity knocks, grab it and don’t let go.

9. California, not quite on the list.. but OK!

10. Time to make a change, a new home and a new set of (two) wheels.

11. Dubai – a quick escape – to somewhere even stranger!

12. Washington DC. Oh… so maybe I DO love this place??

13. Colorado. So THIS is what winter is REALLY like?

14. I’ll be home for Christmas
Today is the 20th of December..and I am FINALLY proud of myself. I did it. I’ve lasted till Christmas. At so many moments I have wanted to jump onto the next flight back and run back to Melbourne’s safe arms. Through all of that, I kept reminding myself of that dream, how much it meant to me, and how much more it meant to me when I realize it may be an impossible one.



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