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My first blog attempt..!

This was my last attempt at a blog.. thought  I’d use it as a starting point for this one. Only took me 4 months to post again 🙂

I have been pondering a blog forever and someone (thanks Simon @STroyCrow) gave me a little inspiration this week, so I’ve decided to give it a crack!

Will apologize upfront for the crappy editorial – I’ll blame it on a throw back from my university days where I was always expanding on everything to scrape together a word limit. I might also blame my university days for my sketchy memories of any events pre-2005.

My thoughts are (and so I guess my words will be) scattered across a few topics close to my heart and my daily dealings…

I am an avid traveler and will jump on a plane at any possible opportunity. So I will no doubt end up talking here a lot about my journeys. It is my #1 interest, obsession and investment. I will also do some posts on my travels over the last couple of years here, part of the reason for this blog is keeping everyone back home up to date, which I realized recently that I haven’t done in 6 months! Back home is Melbourne (Vic), Australia. Current home is Miami (FL), USA. I’ve lived here since May 2010 with the intention of using it as my base to get to a new part of the US every month. So far so good, but thats an entire other post. This year I’m hoping to get to New Mexico, New Orleans, New York (seeing a pattern??),Boston, Chicago, Texas, then outside the US; The Caribbean, Argentina, Morocco, Egypt and Dubai. Watch this space!

Living abroad…
As a side note to travel, I love to embrace foreign cultures and to really do that I believe that you need to fully immerse yourself in the place. What better way than to move there, and BECOME a local?! My first adventure living abroad was in Singapore in 2001-2002. This time it is the US, and to my own surprise, America is turning out to have a very different culture (or should I say a lot of very different cultures?) than Australia.

I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 7 years old. (I was born in 1983, you can do the ‘she’s so OLD’ math). It is a constant battle to do enough to look after myself to avoid being ill, but not obsess to a point that Diabetes defines me. I am always reading research, and am very ready to play guinea pig if I ever get a chance. I also have a keen interest in the complications surrounding diabetes. Having had one attack me a couple of years ago (a post on that one to come), I’m always on the lookout for ways to avoid these..apparently unavoidable…hiccups. I’m not convinced that this is something we have to just live with, my stubborn attitude just wont let me.

I will no doubt end up chatting about baking, gadgets, art, my family, social media and the weather in Florida.. but this should give you some idea of whats to come. Hope it might be of interest to someone out there! Let me know if it is? Might inspire me to keep writing 🙂


Posted by Renee Deguara at 11:54pm, 15th January, 2011



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