New York City – May 2011

So I got home from the big apple at around 1am this morning. Yes, I’m pooped!!!

I have a frightening statement. Maybe a couple.

1. I think I’m over shopping.

2. I am starting to understand why work travel may not be fun.

Arrived in New York around 10pm Friday Night. Got to take my Mum with me, and met my Aunt and Uncle there. We had all traveled a lot or worked a lot and were destroyed!! So a quick cocktail, a little photoshoot and back to bed. Stayed at The New York Palace, on Madison Ave.

An early start and off to see Alexander McQueen at the Met. What an incredible show!! Much more theatric than Museum! I’d highly recommend it to anyone who gets the chance. Then to see Sister Act on Broadway, Another awesome show, great tunes but nothing like the movie! Spent the afternoon introducing Mum to Macys ( ‘oh my god! it just keeps going and going!!’) then Century 21,. A quick trip over the brooklyn Bridge, Grimaldi’s was the plan, but I may never actually go in there if the line is always down the street. Ended up with a delish Advocaso pizza @ Ignazios, which is right under the bridge. A few more happy snaps in the drizzle and cold, then home to the palace and bed.

Much needed sleep in then swapped hotels to On the Avenue, 77th, between Broadway and Amsterdam. Grabbed a fantastic lunch at Zabaars. (Cheese Blintz, Salmon chowder with a cranberry roll. Mum finally found her much missed Ham and Cheese sandwich!).Maxed out the credit card on some kitchen goodies then made our way south down Broadway for more credit card maxing! Caught a stand up comedy show and dinner at Stand Up NY, on 78th. Funny funny crude jokes and lovely cocktails. (May have helped with the jokes!)

Monday and Tuesday were sadly all about work…! Had a fab dinner on Monday night @ Bubba Gump (cannot get enough of that garlicy shrimp!) with Ben and Tara, my fave newly weds. Always awesome to hang with a group of aussies. Miss it so much!

So had a few late nights – working mostly! – and a couple of big days.

New York still has its pizazz, but its a different feel every time I go! Next chapter will be June 17 🙂

Happy Travels!



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