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Buddhism and Rose Coloured Glasses – my take on it!

How much are we seeing people for who they really are, and how much are se seeing from a positive eye, or a negative eye. Our experiences with a person shape how perceive them. So if on your first encounter for example, this person makes you feel good, makes you happy, that starts to shape the person they are in our minds eye, and shapes how we judge them henceforth. We often overlook the negative characteristics of a person who we are looking at through a positive perspective. Our judgment of them, who we see them as being, our perception of that person as a whole is through these ‘rose colored glasses’. Of course, this person could do something to break those glasses, and we are so shocked, we feel deceived, but were we looking at a real view of that person to start with, or were we overlaying this positive viewpoint, seeing them as an all positive being, on a pedestal even, because that’s what we wanted them to be. Were there signs, or just honesties and realities, from even your earliest experiences with this person that you didn’t see, chose to ignore, because of the positive view you were looking at them from. The positives you wanted to see were all that you did see, despite truths, facts, that were right before your eyes. Once this person starts to show these negative qualities you feel deceived, but was it all them or were you perhaps deceiving yourself all along by not seeing the whole truth?



2 thoughts on “Buddhism and Rose Coloured Glasses – my take on it!

  1. Fantastic Question….will have to investigate!!!!!
    Love Donna x

    Posted by Donna McMahon | December 5, 2011, 10:37 pm

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